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How COVID forced me...

... to invest in MYSELF! I was raised a conservative thinker when it came to taking risks. You know the usual, don’t leave a job until you have another one lined up and save, save, save! One thing I specifically remember was how my mom would drill it in my head not to abuse my credit cards and before I would even get a chance, she would pay them off. They were minor charges… at the most, $300, but she was very adamant about me not accruing debt. Til this day, the thought of a credit card balance, no matter how small, gives me major anxiety. And this is not to say, that this was by any means wrong information to teach, if anything, it was lacking. I was never encouraged to follow my passion or think creatively.

 "Well, one thing that this pandemic has taught everybody, is that there is no blueprint in becoming successful or comfortable."

Even with immigrant parents who spent most of their lives in America owning their own business, they felt it was best to instill a more “safe” way of thinking in their children. And I get it, it’s a societal thing… my parents believed that in order to become successful in America, you must follow the blueprint of how success is believed to be achieved. And by that, I mean doing well in school, graduating college, maybe getting your masters, and starting your career path, etc. And if done correctly, then we automatically become successful or at the very least, comfortable.

Well, one thing that this pandemic has taught everybody, is that there is no blueprint in becoming successful or comfortable.

Up until the pandemic, I, as well as many others, followed this “blueprint” of success. I was comfortable, I followed the rules I was taught, and I didn’t leave a job until I had another one lined up. In fact, most of my life, I juggled more than one job. I saved my money (as best I could hee hee). But even after doing everything “right”, I still lost my job (ironically, on 9/11/20) and found myself more uncomfortable than ever. Obviously, I understand we are in a world crisis that no one (except Barack Obama in 2014) would have ever predicted, however, it happened and I, like most, was not prepared.

Initially, I panicked and I thought, “what am I going to do?” The job market was slim, obviously; and companies couldn’t afford to pay what people are worth. I worked in the fashion industry which was one of the biggest hit industries. But after I gave it a moment and let my anxiety settle, I had an epiphany. THIS is my opportunity to invest in MYSELF and in MY brand. This is where I throw all of my conservativity out the window and pull out the creative, entrepreneur that has been buried deep down inside of me. After all… it is in my blood!

I know what I am worth, and I know I work hard. Why not apply that to something that I’m passionate about? Something that I can call my own? And though it comes with its own obstacles and of course, doubt, it is well worth the risk. Even if this business venture doesn’t pan out and I have to work for another company; the most important thing is, I did it! And if I don’t believe in myself and take this chance, why should another company? So, I say all this to say, if you are teetering on the idea of starting something for yourself, I say go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? We’ve already survived what will hopefully be the worst tragedy in our lifetime. What will it hurt to do something for yourself? Get that LLC! Invest in YOU!


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