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About MFS

My Fashion Stash was actually born back in 2008 as a way for me to make a little extra cash selling my hardly used personal items via ebay. But it wasn’t until I lost my job on September 11th, 2020 that I decided to turn it into a real business. Like the rest of the world, I was in the middle of what seemed like a hopeless search for my next opportunity for work. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fashion Industry took an enormous hit which made the job search that much more difficult for me; who’s last 10 years of work experience has been in Fashion. 

I found myself hitting dead-ends left and right until one day, I overheard my sister on the phone with a friend. Her friend was in the middle of moving and was complaining about how she had a ton of stuff she wanted to sell but didn’t want to or even have the time to do the work that is involved in reselling. That’s when I said aloud, “tell her, I will sell it for her”! It was at that moment that I realized that there are probably a ton of people like my sister’s friend out there. People who have their own personal stash taking up closet space, who have no desire to try to sell themselves so they end up throwing it all away! That’s when I decided to turn My Fashion Stash into a destination where, not only will I offer my own stash but I will also help sell other people’s stash on consignment! Because, let's face it, one of the most tedious parts of reselling your stash online is the hassle of taking pictures, posting them, monitoring them until they sell, and then having to ship. Fortunately, MFS offers to do all of that for you!

Visit our “Become a Stasher” page for more info on how we can help you turn your stash into cash!

Thank you again,

The Fashion Stasher