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Become a Stasher!

Thank you for considering My Fashion Stash to take care of your reselling needs! 

Were you cleaning out your closet finding items that you were thinking of tossing out because you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of reselling them yourself? Don’t fret, My Fashion Stash is here to help with that. We will take your stash off your hands and resell them for you! 

Here is how we do it:

  1. MFS will send you a shipping bag with a prepaid label that you would put your stash in and drop off at any USPS.
  1. We accept all women’s clothing, handbags, accessories, and shoes with a minimum of 5 items (a pair of shoes counts as 1). Each item must have an estimated value of at least $50 or more. Estimated value does not reflect final sale price. We do not accept hazardous chemicals or liquids of any kind.
  1. If you have a preferred minimum for any item, please notify us prior to resell. Otherwise, MFS will use market comps, combined with our industry expertise as a pricing guideline. We will do our due diligence to get you the most money possible.
  1. All sales are marketed for the duration MFS and stasher have agreed upon.
  1. In the end of the selling period, depending on the preference of the stasher, any items that do not sell can either be donated or mailed back at the expense of the stasher.
  1.  Payout is made on the 15th of following sales month. For instance, if sales are made in month of February, payout is sent on March 15th. See below for payout chart:

Selling price

% Payout

$1 - $49.99

15% - 35%

$50 - $99.99

35% - 50%

$100 - $199.99

50% - 60%

$200 - up

60% - 70%

**Payout options are cashapp, PayPal, or Venmo.

You will never have to deal with the headache of selling your stash again!


The Fashion Stasher